1. dan

    I see London, I see France…..
    no clue who this chick is…..
    nice cans

  2. Upon closer inspection, are we sure that this isn’t Selena Gomez?

  3. your mom

    Whoa! These xray glasses really do work!

  4. They banned the roughing tool in photoshop

    You sure Selena Gomez did not develop some head crushing thighs overnight?

  5. What kind of unholy string thong/granny pantie hybrid is that?

  6. I just Pia’d in my pants a little.

  7. cc

    The last Pia of (some) note was Pia Zadora. I hope she wasn’t counting on a lot of brand equity.

  8. I can’t believe how fast she just went to “pia wat” to utterly relevant on my list by force of that one pic.

  9. “Yo, Kim…Kim Kardashian…what did you say I should do with this microphone again…???”

  10. Ms. Fit

    I’m almost positive her a** is just as flat as her stomach….

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