1. Puss InToots

    Sweatin’ to an oldie.

  2. Snack pack

    Hope she keeps those nasty pits away from open flames.

  3. Did Liam Neeson piss on her?

  4. Perplexity

    Body odor, breath, or flatulence? The new scratch-and-sniff Kathy Lee Gifford stickers!

  5. CranAppleSnapple

    It’s a gusher. Damn menopause.

    • Evil Dick Tater

      That human exterior is starting to leak. Must be about time for Kathy to inhabit a younger specimen.

  6. Swearin

    I bet she sweats Chardonnay

  7. cc

    Do they still sell ShirtShields?

    (btw, try saying that 3x fast.)

  8. Lissa

    Well Kathie, this material just isn’t going to cut it. If you drop your sweatshop workers wages down to 30 cents an hour I’m sure you can afford some better material.

  9. Mike701

    Looks like Frank nodded off during sex again.

  10. I was not aware they sold YSL at WalMart.

  11. I think she just smelled it in this picture.

  12. fattymcgee

    Her face has been pulled so tight she can only cry out of her armpits now. That can’t be good.

  13. Michelle

    Apparently you sweat when you realize you are complete irrelevant.

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