1. SIN

    den I grabs the fat bithes greezy hair and start a fuckin’

  2. catapostrophe

    He looks totally awesome here.

  3. Mr. Poop

    Professional ass-clown.

  4. Cock Dr

    What a mess!

  5. ThisWillHurt

    Someone can’t wait to play Grand Theft Auto V.

  6. Duck86

    This is his evil twin…WILL.I.AINT

  7. Closeted man is obvious.

  8. Fishballs auditions for a role in Driving Miss Daisy; The Hip Hop Musical.

  9. mikeee

    full retard.

    • Schmidtler

      I can’t defend his wardrobe choices, but, I’ve heard him being interviewed on a serious news program, talking about charities he’s actively involved in – he was so incredibly intelligent, articulate and insightful I thought it was some kind of scripted gag, but no, the goofy outfits are just a gag, he’s a f’ing super genius or some shit.

  10. Bionic_Crouton

    “I would like for you to make me a suit with whatever shit you find in your scrap bin.”

  11. Great White Pygmy

    Bugs is gonna be pissed when he finds out you stole his bike.

  12. Mike Hunt

    “Ground control to Major Tom, five.. take your protein pills and put your helmet on,… four … Commencing countdown, three .. engines on ,two.. Check ignition , one ,…”

  13. Bigalkie

    Full Gangster. Probably get s a mani/pedi and an exyebrow waxing every week. Pussy Clot.

  14. Ridiculous outfit, check. Arrogant attitude, check. Talent? Damn…

  15. CVG


  16. lori

    Uh. This is just senseless.

  17. Invisible chicken legs.

  18. AbRtFl

    I just realized his hat looks like the face of a douchebag.

  19. Crap. Now it’s only a matter of time before Bieber shows up dressed like that.

  20. “I’m gonna go by me a Moped!”

  21. EricLr

    Showing off the new Chris Brown “Bitch Better Shut Up” ring collection.

  22. To the people calling folks wearing fedora’s and calling them douche bags, I present to you the picture in the dictionary.

  23. Timothy

    Hat monster eats man in leather dress. Details at 11!

  24. Josie

    what a tool

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