1. YAAR

    “Is this the audition for the new Dos Equis commerical?”

  2. Duck86

    Surprise!! I’m a drunk irishman.

  3. I. LOVE. HIM. LOVE!! I SAY.

  4. Hank E. Ring

    The most interesting man in the world? Kiss my ass, he couldn’t hold my jock!

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “Good eve, play-a. Perchance you and I shall role in the near future?”

  6. I don’t always look this good, but when I do.. Just kidding, I always look this good…

  7. mike

    “Shatner? He’s a funny guy.”

  8. “Another beer. Make it so.”

  9. CrashHell

    Number One, set a course for Shit-Faced-Hammered…Maximum Warp. ENGAGE BITCHES!

  10. Where’s my number one?!? I think I just made a number two.

  11. The bar quadrant. Maximum warp. Engage!

  12. BWMinstrel

    When I finish this bottle I will put the tie on my head and you are going to witness the greatest Bugs Bunny. In The History. Of The Theatre!

  13. cc

    Beam me over to Kelly Brook’s. BEAM ME OVER TO KELLY BROOK’S!

  14. tlmck

    “Ecluse me. But I bleeve I resemple that remahk!”

  15. Fishballs

    BBA. British Badasssssssssssssssssssssss!

  16. One day I hope I can be this cool. Hey, everyone needs a dream, right?

  17. Allison Wunderlan

    “I don’t always drink beer,but when I do…. Ah, screw it. I’m a fucking lush.”

  18. rantatonne

    Off to outer-space, to pimp hoes that no pimp has ever pimped.

  19. Anderson Pooper

    “May I have some Gatorade? I’m afraid I left all my electrolytes with your daughter.”

  20. “You know, it really [i]is[/i] hard out here for a pimp.”

  21. Joaquin ingles

    I suppose the cool thing about looking old as shit for 30 years is people don’t go “whoa, he looks old as shit now!”

  22. So this is The Mousetrap’s 60th Anniversary Gala Performance and Memorial Unveiling…and Patrick Stewart looks like he’s been hanging around here for every damn one of ‘em!

  23. EricLr

    A few more of these and I’m going to tell you what I *really* think about you goddamn Trekkies.

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