1. Sara

    Here’s the notebook full of women you requested, Mr. President.

  2. it had to be said

    I always figured Slick Willy would have more than a “little” black book.

  3. Hank E. Ring

    I better smoke this cigar while I’m… where in the hell did I…

  4. “Mr. President, here are all the women with a BMI higher than 28, just like you requested.”

  5. “here’s the google maps sir. Apparently here ‘Gropecunt Lane’ isn’t just a nickname for the Oval Office”

  6. CrashHell

    “It’s called a Dossier. Because BINDERS full of women are for losers.”

  7. “Here’s your copy of “Fat Interns Weekly,” laminated, as you requested.”

  8. Why is Rob Riggle following Bill Clinton around?

  9. tlmck

    That must be the yet to be released flexible iPad.

  10. Fishballs

    “Alright; let’s get some other muthafuckas elected. After that, it’s hookers and blow for everybody.”

  11. I wondered what happened to Steve Carell after he left “The Office.” Wow, what a comedown. Larry Miller at least gets to handle the briefing books.

  12. Mike Hunt

    “cigars , … check, overweight , easy ,pussy , … check, … where’s the pussywagon?”

  13. Brit

    Here’s Mr. Romney’s binder of women, Mr President.

  14. Eliot Spitzer hands Bill Clinton the binder of high-rent prostitutes.

  15. It looks like he’s hangin’ with Rob Riggle AND Rob Corddry..

  16. zomgbie

    heres your binder full of condoms for your limo full of women, mr former president.

  17. “Thanks, Gregory. Now which way is it to the cigars and blowjobs room?”

  18. “Here’s the porn you requested, Mr. President. You can take that seat right over there, and you’ll find there’s a box of Kleenex under each seat…”

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