1. Jade

    I like the way he’s all in your face in his new smoking commercials, as though its wrong for you to complain about the smell of it.

  2. Duck86

    popsicle up the b-hole.

  3. John Hamm. Dead ahead!

  4. You’re the best host of Talk Soup thus far Joel!

  5. I loved your golf show!

  6. 30 seconds prior:
    PETER DINKLAGE: “I’ll bet you $5000.00 that if I get a running start I can just jump right in there!”
    STEPHEN DORFF: “Pffffft! No way! It’s a bet!”

  7. Deacon Frost was badass.

  8. Fishballs

    “Diarrhea. It puts the O in Olestra!”

  9. Surprise buttsects?

  10. Bionic_Crouton

    ‘The Motel Life’ isn’t a movie, it is his current residence.

  11. “Hey Stephen — Stephen! Hey, what have you been doing since that Britney Spears video? What are you doing? Wait, is this charades? Um, Conan O’Brien! Stifler! Birthday cake! Blow! Is it blow? It’s blow.”

  12. Brett Ratner's sweaty ass hair

    “Were all adults here”. “Come on guys, rise from the ashes”.

  13. EricLr

    Lindsay Lohan just showed everyone the cocaine stash in her cooch.

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