1. Ben Dover

    jesus she is scary lookin

  2. Be Bo Wobbly

    I see her “sobriety coach” has been worth every dime spent.

  3. Carla H

    those skeleton legs and her face are just plain scary

  4. what are those hideous things sticking out of her skirt where her legs should be?

  5. Not aging well.

  6. meeps!

    Stay classy!

  7. LLBL

    I wanna see the Glan Clam!

  8. She’s about as classy as a bowl of soggy corn flakes.

  9. whatever

    another famous for nothing whore waste of space

  10. I see she’s not as dumb as we thought. She’s had the knee pads inserted under her skin…saves carrying them in her purse I guess.

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