1. Now I see where his son gets that dumb look from.

  2. Sadly, Dustin Hoffman was forced to drive Will Smith’s golf cart for his remaining years.

  3. joe

    Driving Miss Willy.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “So, I hear you need a young male actor for your film. You know, my son’s not doing anything at present. I’d hate to think what could happen to you if he wasn’t cast. Think it over.”

  5. cc

    Thanks heaven…The Legend of Bagger Vance II

  6. Will Smith’s blackest friend.

  7. First Tiger Woods gets a white caddy, and now this…

  8. Fromage

    “Now what does that smell like? Whoooo! Smells like Jada, ol man!!”

  9. “I traded Jaden in for something that won’t disappoint me.”

  10. whatever

    Finally OUT.
    Will: ”THIS is my type. I’ve been with this man for 22 years.”

  11. “See this guy? Fanny-pack champion, bro.”

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