1. Little Tongue

    “Is this smokable?”

  2. YadaYada

    Nice butt.

  3. The ass looks good here.

  4. She’s a smoking hot woman who publicly smokes the herb. What else can I say about this one? Oh yeah, she can take a punch, but that would be weak/old. I’m going with “I want to be on you”.

  5. tlmck

    That woman is pretty hot, but where’s Rihanna?

  6. MT

    Like Paris, she’s all legs and STDs…
    At least she doesn’t drip when she walks (yet).

  7. One would probably want to rub Rihanna anyway, given the opportunity. But put velour on her? Who could resist? That gentleman on the left’s gonna be punching my skull flat in eight seconds.

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