1. Neither of those models is over five feet tall.

  2. I don’t understand how this guy gets hot women.

  3. Someone owes Corey Feldman a fruitbasket for sharing his call girl hookup.

  4. joe

    The threesome only a fat checkbook can arrange.

  5. journalschism

    This motherfucker…

  6. Bonky

    Why has this guy not put out a book already ? It would be a best seller.

  7. Fresh from the Cory Feldman Dating Techniques class

  8. Apparently the phrase “I worked with Farley” packs more heat than anybody ever gave it credit for.

  9. “Alright… We have to get you girls back to the high school before your free period is over.”

  10. Swearin

    These girls were in kindergarten when Just Shoot Me first aired

  11. Jenn

    This short fuck and Feldman get all the paid pussy in Hollywood. I wonder if they write it off on their taxes as ‘therapy’? And, more importantly, I wonder if Spade bought the chick on the right those boots because, he can’t be all bad if he did.

  12. tlmck

    Just three girls out for a good time.

  13. whatever

    He invests all his money on hookers. Anyone with lots of money can get lots of hookers.
    You really think this guy was ever out looking for true love? Haha!
    Pint-sized player.

  14. What you call a Penthouse Forum letter, Spade calls “Sunday”.

  15. Paully Boston Baby!

    Wow, well played Spade. Dressing up as a male nursing student in scrubs to pull college chics. Well done! They are certainly too young to know he ever had a career in Hollywood.

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