1. “Honey, come back! I know Britney said it’s okay to put him in a box on the front of a bike, but I’m afraid he’ll get hurt!”

  2. “Honey! I’m more famous than you now! I should get to ride the bike!”

  3. Damn, cheap bastard would not buy her a bike?

  4. “Hurry dad, she’s gaining on us!”

  5. “Try and keep up, tubby. Ray Donovan ain’t fucking no fat chicks.”

  6. crb

    Ruh-roh. Some little bitch over at 9 o’clock is about to get run over to death by Sabertooth and a westie.

  7. “Liev!”….(huff huff) when”….(huff huff) are we getting ….(huff huff) a car!”

  8. Why is he always the one on the bike while she hoofs it?

  9. “That’s ok. *pant pant* Nah go on ahead. *gasp* I PREFER to run!”

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