1. He’d better hope there are no horny baboons around.

  2. Pull your fucking pants up. A. it’s not 2004. B. It was stupid then too. C. Pull your fucking pants up.

  3. sc4play

    For the love of……….

  4. Ok buddy, you can’t wear your pants like that when they’re SKINNY JEANS. What’s the message? You’re a hipster ghetto thug? Because that’s something that exists, right?

    Fucking moron.

  5. Be Bo Wobbly

    “Hey guys, anybody see a bucket sitting around….. I got take whiz, bad!”

  6. That underwear was white before Usher stopped by in the morning.

  7. This is why abortion must ALWAYS be legal!

  8. Seriously, what is the point of sagging other than it’s original intent which was signaling other inmates that you wanted sex? What normal person would want to wear their pants like that? It looks stupid and it has to be uncomfortable walking around like that.

  9. sitsdeep

    Red, white and blue, just an all American boy….ooops, Canadian…ugh, wtf

  10. Yep. Nothing says “fuck me in the ass,” to other men like that getup. WTF is wrong with people.

  11. OMFG PULL YOUR PANTS UPPPP! Your ASKING for it aren’t you?

  12. And yet, if someone were to run up behind him and pull those things all the way to his ankles, he’d be deeply embarrassed

  13. What a fucking asshole.

  14. whatever

    red baboons ass

  15. fred

    Now that I see him cruising around West Hollywood in his natural habitat, it actually makes perfect sense that he wears his pants like that.

    Notice the red underpants? That’s his way of advertising for available males. Kind of like the white tailed deer in nature.

  16. West Hollywood?


  17. Dr Doug

    Apparently Biebs doesn’t have enough “up front” to keep his pants up.

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