1. I thought Katherine Hepburn was already dead.

  2. That leg is about to snap!

  3. phantom duck

    She’s looking rough these days…

  4. This mink stole? No, I bought it!

  5. ultra

    the cowardly lion? i give up.

  6. I don’t know who this woman is and it will be tough to fap to, but damnit, I like a challenge!

  7. This is the best I’ve seen Jocelyn Wildenstein look

  8. This picture gave Bear Grylls a huge boner. He used it to club a Kangaroo to death and then ate its face.

  9. meeps!

    Now that’s a thneed! Nothing unmanly about knitting. No sir!

  10. He is a better Janice Dickinson than Janice Dickinson.

  11. Thirteen LA park squirrels gave their lives for that wrap!

  12. whatever

    Yeah, I recognize how cool he is and legitimate 100 percent to his fame, but has anyone else recognized how f-ing UGLY he is, his face and body. He MUST do this lady gaga like dressing up, so the ugly wont show so bad, distractive clothing, him and gaga, ugly as f-ck people.

  13. You know he checked the mirror before he left and said “Damn I look good!”

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