1. Shame we don’t shoot random terrorists nowadays…

  2. With the Barney’s racial profiling scandal that Jay-Z has been caught up in, you’d think she’d be smart enough to wear something that didn’t have LV on it and give away who she is.

  3. Jihad in style with Louis Vitton.

  4. Ben Dover

    just how i want to see her — all covered up

  5. Be Bo Wobbly

    Obvious distorted personality syndrome sufferer…she is either a high classed terrorist,a cubist cow or a checkered flag,,,,,,,,

  6. “Just pass me the corn dog and nobody gets hurt.”

  7. Where’s George Zimmerman when you REALLY need him?

  8. cc

    This would be perfect for a B movie where they use a satellite to beam in on the face of an international terrorist.

  9. It’s hard to recognize her. Probably because she’s such a great actress.

  10. I see we are wearing the Michael Jackson collection.

  11. I hope she’s not driving, cuz she could hurt her ovaries

  12. Kanye took the confederate flag, Beyonce took the burka.

  13. Swearin

    You see what you did, Republicans? You took away their food stamps, so now black people are becoming ninjasd

  14. Well, she certainly got that one by the NSA didn’t she.

  15. whatever

    so she is a muslim now. her husband rearranged her face after she said baby girl looks just liek daddy and u ugly, u 2 now said gorilla fat lips after the punch, now she gotta wear that, latest LV fashion in saudi arabia, the terrorosts won

    wow, i didn’t know i had it in me , an all swoop racism comment, but the truth is always worse than fiction, her burka look is the death of freedom

  16. Beyonce continues to commit the worst sin any celebrity can: she’s boring.

  17. The Terrorists have Won

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