1. dontkillthemessenger

    Happy mashed boobies.

  2. Richard McBeef

    I’d rather be dancing with myself.

  3. EBakes

    Wow, that dude has great tits.

  4. Contusion

    I’ve always loved Brian Setzer.

  5. Do you remember when ‘Rebel Yell’ came out and he didnt look so old ?

  6. frcrkr

    The funniest thing is, I bet she doesn’t give a rip about any comments on here… (and yes, I would do her!)

  7. When did Max Zorin* get bolt-ons?

    *-With apologies to Christopher Walken.

  8. My feet now has a sad.

  9. Johnny Cochran's Tumor

    Loved her in Red Sonja.

  10. I can say no more.

  11. Fuck all of you – she actually looks good. I mean, by Pink standards.

  12. What’s with the blue streak? It looks like a Smurf peed in her hair.

    • Papa Smurf blew his load on her face and hair.
      He’s kinda into being dominated by trans-gender types like that.
      He sure was black and blue after that incident though, cuz he didn’t ask permission to cum and she said the face and mouth is ok but never in the hair.

  13. Uncle Phil

    So if the stripe turns blue…you do have Hep C?

  14. Nandomaniac

    Brigitte Nielson is looking wicked! Think they’ll remake ROCKY FOUR?

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