1. Oh yeah, a real stunner here. Why don’t we make her Lois Lane in the Superman reboot…

    • Damien Karras

      Hey, be nice. You never know when you’re going to become a grandmother so it’s always good to be prepared.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    At least she never has to worry about stalkers.

  3. cagster

    She may be unattractive, but at least her clothes….oh, hang on…..

  4. brit

    She looks more like Paul McCartney every day.

  5. Mike701

    I ‘m not gay, but I’d do Jake first.

  6. Cock Dr

    Didn’t she used to be kinda cute? WTF?

  7. Mike Walker

    I used to defend her but… I don’t have the strength for this.

  8. Fester

    The new Miss Marple?

  9. The only job I would ever hire her for is sniffing luggage at the airport.

  10. I loved her as Professor McGonagall.

  11. Contusion

    I’ve never seen the Six Flags running man grandpa without his glasses before.

  12. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Silvio didn’t realise how much things had changed until he saw the new Bunga Bunga.

  13. M

    Did you say Maggie Smith?

  14. Look, I feel just as bad for her as anybody does considering that she has Progeria but thats really no excuse for wearing horrid silk pants with rain boots on a cloudless night.

  15. Misana

    Am I seeing her toes through her shoes?

  16. The game is afoot.

  17. This is for a Quintin Crisp biopic?

  18. adolf hitler

    “you are beautiful”
    –the joker

    • not a fan

      i lol’d…she did ruin that batman movie for me, what a waste, they couldn’t find a better looking chick?

  19. AnnaDraconida

    Jake got the better genes.

  20. MrsWrong

    Its sad when you have to walk cause the crazy train left the station

  21. dontlooknow

    Yeah, my Mom has the same outfit.

  22. Swearin

    Wasn’t she the homeless woman that fed the pigeons in “Mary Poppins?”

  23. cc

    She stole Hannibal Lector’s hat, and look what he did to her.

  24. Johnny Cochran's Tumor

    Droopy Dog on his way to audition for Who Frame Roger Rabbit 2.

  25. TomFrank

    It was a bold move for Milan’s Teatro Strehler to cast a woman in their production of “Tru.”

  26. KC

    I guess it’s time for an Inspector Clouseau reboot.

  27. SlippinX12

    Betty White let herself go

  28. ri

    “I too have enough money now to pretend that I never wanted you to take my picture. Be gone with you pesky perpetuators of fame.”

  29. That moonface + “The Dark Knight” on an iMax screen = ‘Sir, we’re asking you to leave. Don’t make us call the authorities.’ True story.

  30. Every damn time I see this woman she’s either walking down the street or standing on a street corner looking like a Jewish refugee in wartime Berlin.

  31. Beatfarmer

    Looking at this…I would have saved Harvey Dent too.

  32. I always thought the wax museum in italy was kind of lame, but this is an outrage.

  33. Joe

    Professor McGonnagall?

  34. Uncle Phil

    Is there a remake of “The Fisher King?” Where’s her sword then?

  35. MJB

    She and her brother are walking definitions of nepotism.

  36. Jamie

    Somebody put her on a runway, that’s a whole lot of sexy going on there.

  37. Seat Filler

    I love Professor McGonagall

  38. Nandomaniac

    So now that Wachowski freak is all done, they’re gonna make MATRIX FOUR, right?

  39. Whee!

    Wallpaper as pants is a bold fashion statement, even in Milan.

  40. Jezebel

    She and Katie Holmes should play sisters in a film. Sad, lonely, alienated sisters combatting chronic fatigue syndrome together.

  41. Hugh Johnson

    “No time for pictures tonight, have to hurry home to my cats.”

  42. woodhorse

    Jesus! What does she have against hair anyways?

  43. gigi

    aww it’s Maggie with her sad little cartoon turtle face…. is Sarsgaard still tapping that? damn, she must know all kinds of tricks…

  44. Fire is the only way to kill it.

  45. That 50/50 movie looks sad.

  46. She’s morphing into Angela Landsbury.

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