1. He looks like he’s making the “pew pew” face…

  2. it had to be said

    He’s trying to shoot Scott Disick.

  3. cagster

    Are you *sure* he’s on set?

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    He’s doing it himself because the stuntman had to stay behind after school.

  5. Is he playing Jon Lovitz in the movie?

  6. Mike Walker

    What happens in Sudbury… aw, nothin happens in Sudbury.

  7. Perplexity

    Sadly, the scene did not require Andy to hide behind a car, but improv takes over when you had a diet that was high in Olean.

  8. Misana


  9. The Howitzer

    Is that the head that was removed from Andy’s shoulder? It grew a body, good for him.

  10. “Goddam Canadians!!! Keep away from me with your socialized healthcare!”

  11. cc

    Fuckin guy…I said Bieber was from Stratford…not Sudbury. How did he screw THAT up?

  12. It doesn’t look like Andy can handle the truth.

  13. hollywood_hillbilly

    That moment when you wonder if it was really just a fart.

  14. Venom

    The Truth is Andy you suck now..

  15. tlmck

    “Punch up this script now or else!”

  16. Andy Garcia, having a delusion that includes actually being in a movie, freaks out his neighbors by attempting to shoot the Mexican landscaping crew.

  17. Quijibo

    “Fuck, thought I had air in the chamber…”

  18. “Ewww, face shot!!! Sorry, yo…!”

  19. celebutard

    Sudbury isn’t called the “Armpit of Canada” for nothing…

  20. Nandomaniac

    “Self serve? BULLSHIT! Get your high school flunking ass out of that little fucking booth and pump my fucking gas! The owner said the glass is bulletproof? I’m counting to three and we’re both going to fucking find out! One … Two … that’s more like it. Yeah, and bring out a fucking Snickers bar while you’re at it. Snapperhead.”

  21. Steelerchick

    Glad to see he’s participating in National Moustache Month.

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