1. bitch please. you do not look like this at all now.

  2. Cock Dr

    They made her a lot prettier than she actually is. Nice work.

  3. MrsWrong

    Vivara-For when you care enough to say “Ignore that lady carrying my baby”

  4. Frank The Duck

    That must be unbelievably strong hair freeze spray to keep it up in that look…

  5. Jewelry, huh… who knew?

  6. Venom

    Now that Kim Kardashian has been laying low, Giselle managed to get ahold of couple of galloons of airbrush ink finally.

  7. Nandomaniac

    For five days, all you’ve eaten is a bag of carrots and black coffee? Well, yeah, you’re going to have terrible gas.

  8. Whee!

    She has a boob in her bicep… or is it the other way around?

  9. Vader

    bitch please, you still look like a post op tranny. I cannot believe people find her attractive.

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