1. I thought this was Phoebe Price.

  2. SSHGuru

    She plays Arthur Christmas

  3. Beefarino

    I thought Liberace was dead?

  4. Bonky

    “Brooke Shields at the National Facial Line Count championship. Brooke is considered a contender for the title.”

  5. Perplexity

    At long last, the secret is told. Brooke Shields is actually Brock Shields – a longshoreman from the upper east side.

  6. LJ

    If she looks like like, I must be one old fuck.

  7. MrsWrong

    I guess Tarzan escaped the Lipstick Jungle

  8. andreabeth

    Danny DeVito in a wig.

  9. She looked better in her post pardom days….go back to being depressed-less wrinkles.

  10. Frank The Duck

    An overdose of Botox has caused Brooke’s face to seriously retract…

  11. Toopier

    Brooke really is lovely in person. Intelligent, warm and very stunning. Really down to earth and humble. So why are you showing me this picture of Antonio Banderas?

  12. delta bravo radar

    This is what real people look like when they age.
    Actually, she’s become her mother.
    At least she doesn’t look like those hollywood freaks.

  13. I’d hit it.

  14. Jackie O is looking about as healthy as the Greek economy.

  15. TomFrank

    “And Brooke Shields as The Grinch”

  16. KC

    And there go the last of my fond memories of The Blue Lagoon.

  17. Venom

    And the last of the hotness is finally gone.

  18. tlmck

    Turned down for the role of Maria Shriver because she looks too old.

  19. CK

    yeesh. something’s wearing off…

  20. Freebie

    People age you dumb farts. I best most the the replys here are from people younger than 23. You too will age – everyone does if they are lucky. I think she looks great. No plastic freaky looking face like some Hollywood women – e.g. Kris Jenner.

  21. Nandomaniac

    “They’re remaking HAIRSPRAY again with Tommy Lee Jones?”

  22. Whee!

    Sadly, Brooke Sheilds failed to realize that Latisse is in no way made for the teeth.

  23. sheldon


  24. FruitLoop

    Hmmm, well, time marches on for everyone (and directly on Brookes face it seems). Well, maybe she talks really dirty talk in the sack, I mean Really Dirty, that’ll help distract you right?

  25. farting old man's wife

    Wrinkles and yellow teeth! I love old Hollywood!!

  26. squishy

    OMG Talk about growing old ungracefully!! What the hell happened?!?

  27. gigi

    damn y’all are some haters! lol I see still amazing bone structure, deep laugh lines so at least she’s having fun, and f*ing brilliantly thick hair – it’s a f*ed up shot, but Brook’s not lost A THING

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