1. it had to be said

    Strange, but I would bone her.

  2. Richard McBeef, MD

    A purple, foul smelling discharge is often a symptom of bacterial vaginosis.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    When did the tranny brother get tits?

  4. That dress would be hot on a younger woman, but it would still look like an unfortunate early onset of explosive menstruation ruined it.

  5. Kabe

    World’s lamest superhero outfit

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    She looks good in spots

  7. SSHGuru

    Jennifer Love Hewitt just got an idea!

  8. Beefarino

    That dress is all that is keeping her boobs from being down by her ankles.

  9. Cock Dr

    This outfit was not the best of ideas. A burgundy color stripe starting at the crotch and heading straight down to the ankles? This must be a revenge frock from a pissed off queen designer or an angry stylist.

  10. Seven is the only Borg who can wear such a dress.

  11. A little too contemporary for the Museum of Contemporary Art.

  12. MrsWrong

    The Menstration of Contemporary Artifacts

  13. Misana

    Oh helll no. Man, she asked for it. I guess they thought purple was a better choice than red.

  14. adolf hitler

    i would let her give me one bj. only one.

  15. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    Well she alway lookd hotter than her sister. now she is spotter than her now.

  16. So who’s your designer, Vulva?

  17. dontlooknow

    Aw, c’mon! Is that the best you can do?

  18. Why’s she testing her onboard video card performance?

  19. cc

    The early 70s meets the menstrual cycle.

  20. uncle denial

    The dress is designed to draw one’s eyes toward the… AAAAHHHH!!

  21. GuyLeDouche

    It should come with a hood….and a mask…

  22. TomFrank

    You’re not supposed to be noticing the purple crotch stain. You’re supposed to be noticing she still has a rack.

  23. Omigosh, Rosanna, Rosanna, Rosanna. I remember she was so damn good in…well then there was…oh but wait, she shined in…ah fuck, never mind.

  24. I …. can’t …. stop …. staring

  25. Optigirl!
    She’s still got it alright.
    To all youngsters and naysayers, by “it” I mean this:

  26. rupert

    So Steven Tyler is wearing dresses now?

  27. MJB

    Wow, she must be pissed she wasn’t cast in the Tron movies.

  28. JJ

    You DO know that Always has wings now…

  29. Jamie

    I do not pretend to understand the first thing about haute couture but when used maxi pads become fashionable I can’t be the only one scratching my head. Seriously?

  30. Nandomaniac

    Don’t dance with her, it’ll get on your leg.

  31. Whee!

    Someone tell Colonel Sam Daniels we found the monkey.

  32. This broad always looks like she just drank an entire bottle of NyQuil.

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