1. dontkillthemessenger

    Put some freaking clothes on Ke$ha.

  2. it had to be said

    I say, I say, I say, Colonel Sanders has forgotten his pants!

  3. How the fuck does she not get arrested? If some peon walked around like this they’d already have them thrown in Rikers

  4. “I hate having this strange feeling like I forgot something.”

  5. Beefarino

    Colonel Sanders wants his shirt and tie back.

  6. Ruth

    Whoa! Almost got caught updating my secret Formspring account.
    Act cool. Act cool. *whistles nonchalantly*

  7. Bonky

    “I really need a fucking day off from this crap.”

  8. Perplexity

    9 out of 10 optometrists agree that pants effectively cover one’s unsightly undercarriage.

  9. MrsWrong

    I had a nightmare once where >I< went out without pants. This is worse…much MUCH worse

  10. Contusion

    Streisand lost some weight.

  11. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “I call it ‘Sexy old lady’. Still think I steal them all from Madonna?”

  12. Buddy the Elf

    I cant think of anything funny to say about this one; but if I did I would be saying it in a Foghorn Leghorn or WC Fields voice.

  13. kimmykimkim

    Would eat that ass!

  14. If I were still a teenager I’d ask her to the prom.

  15. JustHereForTheLaughs

    I was thinking, “Hey, she looks almost normal for once” and then I scrolled down.

  16. Swearin

    I don’t want to taste her 11 herbs & spices, nor her secret recipe

  17. dontlooknow

    What a jerk.

  18. icu

    Hey Colonel Sanders, you left Barbara Streisand’s thighs in the fryer too long! Those are beyond extra crispy!

  19. cc

    The waitresses at a strip club I used to go to wore a similar outfit but the tops were black. What’s my point? Nothing really.

  20. “Wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait a second! You’re telling me, I flew all the way to Kentucky, to get some of your fried chicken, and–and the Colonel isn’t even working today??”

  21. Hazzard County has gone to shit since Boss Hogg’s retarded stepdaughter took over.

  22. GuyLeDouche

    Worst Emmylou Harris impression ever.

  23. Venom

    She looked really cute and kind of normal until you scroll down.

  24. “If I walk with confidence, no one will realize I have forgotten my pants and think I did this on purpose.”

  25. Nandomaniac

    “Someone tell Jaime Gillis and Eric Edwards that new French chick is ready for her scene.”

  26. squishy

    I’m sorry, know she is eccentric, but where the F*** are her pants?!?

  27. gigi

    well dang… now I’ve got a hankering for a 3-piece, biscuit & potato wedges!! damn you Colonel Stephanie!

  28. muthafuckinBAWS

    All right, we get it, you’re not a tranny. Now put some pants on.

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