1. So THAT’s what Lady Gaga’s son would look like…

  2. it had to be said

    I bet a girl on stilts could be a lot of fun . . .

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    She’s on a douche… what’s he on?

  4. So, for Halloween you’re going as a tranny’s schlong?

  5. He looks like he just fell out of Victoria Gotti’s vagina.

  6. Bonky

    Pauly D shows up for the unveiling of the “Pauly D all up in your snizz” tampons. A tampon shaped like Pauly D.

  7. Perplexity

    Like so many girls that have sat on Pauly D, she looks disinterested and wears eye protective gear.

  8. MrsWrong

    No, she’s on YOU

  9. MrsWrong

    Alyson Hannigan’s career must REALLY be on the down trend

  10. Misana

    Thought twas Katy Perry

  11. The Ghostbar Dayclub?
    I swear I read that 5x and thought it was some gay/lesbian thing.

  12. Colin

    He’s on what? His period?

  13. Here Pauly D with first pair a woman’s legs he’s actually been between since he was born.

  14. I would love to clean my toilet with his head.

  15. She’s on stilts and wearing gloves and eye gear, so I’m assuming she’s the one responsible for his hair.

  16. Ghostbar? Well its certainly not a Goodbar. A Goodbar has nuts.

  17. TomFrank

    “We want to have the Ghostbar open during the daytime…what should we promote it as?”
    “Um…Ghostbar Day…Club?”
    “Great! Now we should get someone to DJ who’s famous but isn’t a real DJ. And he should be tan…to indicate that it’s daytime!”
    “Well, if you want someone tan, how about one of those Jersey Shore doofuses! I think one of them fancies himself a DJ!”
    “Brilliant! Now all we need is a pink-haired girl in feathery stilts to pose with him!”
    “Oh, you ALWAYS want a pink-haired girl in feathery stilts.”
    “Yeah, but I think this time it will work.”

    (The only way this could have possibly happened.)

  18. KC

    That is as high as he can count.

  19. Venom

    So this is where Kreashawn disappeared to.

  20. Does “one” mean large butt plug?

  21. Uncle Phil

    “Miss? You look like you have a little Dingleberry problem.”

  22. Nandomaniac

    Well, that is the grin of a guy who’s on one. The back of his shirt has his phone number and “Call me.”

  23. Nandomaniac

    “Marylin Manson VS South Beach” Nice.

  24. Whee!

    Cute – she styled her stilt-warmers to match his hair.

  25. sheldon

    I’ve never seen a vagina with an asshole growing out of it.

  26. squishy

    Pauly UNDER a drag queen seems so appropriate! Finally showing his true colours! Good on you man!!

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