1. “Did you hide another Double Whopper under your ponytail again? You think you are so slick but I can smell it.”

  2. Perplexity

    He is expanding faster than he can change clothes.

  3. MrsWrong

    “Ummm, WHATEVER bitch, at least I can pull off kelly green”

  4. Misana

    why does he look sweaty even though he’s dry… weird man.

    • MJB

      ‘Cause he’s a cokehead possibly. He always looks hyper & sweaty & he’s aging pretty fast—like Vince Vaughn. Only Vince Vaughn was kind of hot once upon a time.

  5. Hopefully he didnt direct the movie or he will write in a scene or two to drop trou and show his junk.

  6. cc

    She’s wearing Christmas wrapper and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

  7. TomFrank

    “So THAT’S what happened to our backup Kermit. We’ve been looking for him for days.”

  8. I’m assuming he’s not yet recovered from spending over three months on a set with a hand up his ass. Hey, it’s called “The Muppets” and I believe in advertising.

  9. crystalbonar

    “No I don’t like the smell of my own farts.”

  10. “Mmmmm…excuse me, miss. Are farts supposed to be lumpy?”

  11. Who says a fat guy can’t wear a velvet suit?

  12. Whee!

    “No, I’m not interested in hearing about your 3 rings…”

  13. Frunken

    The stalker becomes the stalked

  14. That look tells me she’s about to catch the std’s he just gave the muppets.

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