1. it had to be said

    I feel like she should marry Bobby Brown now.

  2. pdan

    Not pictured: Michael Lohan winding up to kick her right in the American flag.

  3. Does she even know the word classy????

  4. MrsWrong

    Sunglasses, a fur vest, AND shorts. As Katt Williams once said, London must have “ALL the god-damn weather”

  5. M

    14.5 minutes and counting . . .

  6. sprub

    I guess she won’t be making a PETA poster soon…

  7. “Ms Rihanna, the rest of the crew and I would like to thank you for traveling with us, and thank you especially for not wearing any underwear.”

  8. Where the hell is a PETA fanatic, with a bucket of paint, when you need one?

  9. Someone’s got a hot date with Sideshow Bob.

  10. Something climbed atop her head and died.

  11. TomFrank

    “Don’t give me that look. I just saw Lady Gaga walkin’ ’round here without pants.”

  12. It kind of looks like she just covered herself in something sticky and crawled around inside a Salvation Army box.

  13. Nandomaniac

    Now THAT’S a Wonder Woman costume. One ticket and a tissue, please?”

  14. Whee!

    Pretty sure this was exactly what Betsy Ross had in mind when she stitched together the American flag, but with more camel toe.

  15. squishy

    Still looking so amazingly classy!!

  16. There’s always an Italian guy in the background saying it all with his dwindling eyesight.

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