1. jorge

    i saw the thumbnail and thought it was MIckey Rourke…and even after reading the caption i’m still not convinced

  2. Codot


  3. joe

    How nice. The folks at Chia Pet did a life-sized Wayne Newton.

  4. it had to be said

    Uh, Wayne. That shocker is going to be a little too shocking.

  5. Johnny P!

    What’s with the picture of a baked potato topped with pubic hair, Fish?

  6. Little Tongue

    Whatever you do, DON’T use the zoom function on this one.

  7. Little known fact: Melanomas can grow to the size of a head. And often grow hair.

  8. Deacon Jones

    “Time to die, Mr. Burton”

  9. zomgbie

    obviously the guy who recommended his
    plastic surgeon to kenny rodgers.

  10. Remember those dehydrated apple heads you made in second grade during arts & crafts. Yeah like that.

  11. he’s very supportive of paralysis charities because his face has been stuck that way since 1981

  12. rantatonne

    If Liza Minnelli got impregnated by an orange, this is what the child would look like

  13. Tron

    “Who’s got two thumbs, and hairy knuckles? This guy!!”

  14. cc

    He looks more like a real woman than a lot of women in England do these days.

  15. lawn

    There’s enough Botox gone into that face to kill the entire North Korean Army.

  16. ThisWillHurt

    I can’t wait for The Hobbit.

  17. “Hey, Newton, this probably means nothing to you, but:
    ♫ ♪ ♫ “I don’t know, but I’ve been told
    Eskimo pussy is mighty cold!”
    ♫ ♪ ♫

  18. mbcl

    “Your move Tsoukalos .”

  19. sandycakes

    gad he’s turned into that cat lady thing.

  20. BillEBuoy

    “. . . to cure paralysis in Miami.”

    Let’s hope they start with his head.

  21. When I first glanced at this picture, I thought there were pins sticking out of his head, like that guy in Hellraiser.. Then I’m thinking, wow, dude grew hair, wtf?

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