1. jorge

    Jon Hamm sighting

  2. Visible Ink

    Katie, don’t make scary faces like this. It gives Tom a damn good excuse for a new custody hearing.

  3. Something must have reminded them of the time they saw Daddy showering with his Xenu probe.

  4. It’s rare to capture the first time a child sees Jon Hamm on film.

  5. SURI: “Mommy. It was deadly, but it certainly wasn’t silent!”

  6. cc

    So, we know there’s at least one guy in New York who is a dead ringer for Tom Cruise.

  7. Tron

    “Please dont scare my daughter” – I dont mean this jokingly, I really think thats what she is saying. Sorry Katie – we have no boundaries.

  8. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Katie shit her pants. Coincidentally, at that very same moment, Suri smelled something rank.

  9. Why u famous?

    “oo, mommy, why do we have to dress like peasants now? i feel so gross”

  10. Phoenix

    Maggie Gyllenhaal, shown here struggling to hide her excitement that her kidnapping scheme was proceeding just as she’d planned.

  11. Andie

    I’d hate to have people following me taking pictures. That kid looks terrified.

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