1. The grinch who scared the fuck out of everyone…

  2. “TIMMONS! I said more collagen STAT!”

  3. Fishballs

    “Soon He-Man will bow before ME!”

  4. Be honest…for a split second you thought this was Brooke Shields.

  5. cc

    Cm’ere my little pretty! ehehehehe

  6. Tron

    Actually, she’s less scary in this one…for some odd reason.

  7. Visible Ink

    I want him dead, I want his family dead, I want his cat dead!… What, we’re on the air?! Aaaahh, this was my impression of the Godfather. Yes, definitely the Godfather.

  8. ThisWillHurt

    ” . . . And your little dog too!”

  9. tlmck

    Every time I see her. I hear the “Wicked Witch of the West” music from the “Wizard of Oz”.

  10. Vlad

    And lo, the dragon doth lit yon Christmas tree with its dragon fire

  11. bewbs

    “what… the hell… are you”

  12. dontkillthemessenger

    Lemme tell ya somethin’!

  13. Once again I have to say, “It’s no wonder Arnold was fucking the maid!”

  14. Bouncy Castle

    Oh dear god, the Wraith are coming.

  15. sandycakes

    scairt me!

  16. Andie

    Why is every pic of her in mid-sentence? Everybody looks weird if you snap a picture of them talking.

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