1. Codot

    What a waste of a good drink.

  2. “Murica is for white people!”

  3. Diary, Monday November 12, 2012:
    Today, I threw my soy milk, double latte, 2 truvia frappuccino at this photographer…

    That’ll teach ‘em not to mess with me…

  4. Animal

    The takeaway here is that Reese Witherspoon is married to a pansy. Figures.

  5. Same throwing style as Romo

  6. Why not aim for the camera? Idiot.

  7. Usually a guy sporting a puffy vest, pornstache and US Flag hat would know how to throw a punch. It’s only in LA, where “men” throw their iced chai lattes and then run to the the safety of their Toyata hybrids.

  8. cc

    There goes $20 of Starbucks best.

  9. Having been told he walks and dresses like a sissy, Jim Toth responds by throwing a drink like a sissy.

  10. Tron

    Yes, he does give a common courtesy of a “reach around”.

  11. ThisWillHurt

    “Oh, you want a picture of me and my wife? Sure! Hey, favor for a favor, can you throw this away for me? Damnit! My bad, I was totally aiming at your hands. You OK? That’ll come right out. No biggey. Man, I hope there aren’t any other photographers in the area. If they got a picture of that, it would make me look like a sissy douche throwing a drink at a paparazzo. Anyway, have a nice day!”

  12. Meg

    you want to be left alone? THEN DON’T MARRY A FAMOUS ACTOR it’s that simple

  13. userofalltrades

    Little did the photographer know, until he was hit by the cup of liquid, that Jim Toth drinks his own urine.

  14. Suddenly, without a moment’s thought, Kim Kardashian flung herself between the photographer and the thin stream of yellow liquid.

  15. Vlad

    Here, I’m done with this…want it?

  16. Schmidtler

    Why are his pants legs rolled up? Does Reese buy his dungarees a size too big so he won’t grow out of them too fast?

  17. Not even generosity comes through easily when you have a shitty pulse.

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