1. When people mock his receding hairline, this is the look he gives before he shags your wife until she can’t breath properly. He always leaves with a classy “Good day to you Ma’am”

  2. BP

    When did he morph into Phil Collins?

  3. cc

    He should use pommade on that little clump of hair and turn it into a little horn. That’d be funny.

  4. Visible Ink

    He’s looking the the picture of Laura Chiatti too.

  5. Rosalie

    The Randy Quaid of the Wolverine family.

  6. Tron

    Hair style by the Lollipop Guild.

  7. ThisWillHurt

    Looks like the they have someone to play Lobot in the new Star Wars movies.

  8. uhuh

    And the queer beard of the year goes to…

  9. Brit

    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes indeed, I did have sexual relations with Sienna Miller when she was stoking and it was absolutely totally and utterly splendid.

  10. WHAT THE HELL??? He was such a hottie about… 2 years ago. HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN SO QUICKLY????

  11. It really is hard to take Gay Wolverine serious, isn’t it?

  12. Seal

    what’s this ‘rise of the guardians’ movie – is that a sequel to that ‘owls of ga’hooley’ piece of shit?

  13. oisjafsdk

    Why are all the male celebrities in this The Crap We Missed looking super creepy? I need Jon Hamm!

  14. Andie

    I love that he’s going bald. Still hot, but now we know he’s actually human. I used to think he was too pretty to be real.

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