1. Animal

    Leave it to a Mormon to create a child porn inflatable.

  2. Guy in the back is getting impatient waiting for his fucking doll to get signed.

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    whatever this shit is, it needs a liberal dose of fire to correct.

  4. it had to be said

    Mustache Man is not impressed.

  5. Fishballs

    Marie Osmond unveils her new “Sister Wives Pedophile Collection”.

  6. That doll looks old enough to marry in Mormonism.

  7. yenn

    her face is almost as frozen as Marie’s.

  8. Is THAT what the magic underwear looks like?

  9. that doll’s face appears to be saying “her son did WHAT??”

    (too soon?)

  10. cc

    Want to scare the living fuck out of someone? Sneak this doll into their house and leave it where it’s the first thing they see when they get home and turn on the lights. (Not sure if that falls under ‘Negligent Homicide’ so you are on your own.)

  11. Beer Baron

    Nice Limited Edition JonBenet Ramsey doll.

  12. Tron

    Nothing strange here…move along. Nothing to see.

  13. Cock Dr

    Very occasionally a SW site photo makes me scream out loud when it first impacts my eyeballs.
    This was one of them.

  14. Dave

    53 years and those veneers are still going. How does she do it?

  15. Sweet merciful crap, what the hell is that thing?

  16. That gorgeous mouth was made for blow jobs .. and I’d bone that brunette holding her too!;)

  17. I’ve always suspected Marie Osmond to be a righteous roll in the hay. Maybe I should ask Donnie.

  18. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    I question the sanity of adults who enjoy, own and/or collect dolls.

    Action figures are fine. Dolls are not.

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