1. BigOkie

    Kathy Griffin is looking better…

  2. Vegas. Where you take your no talent ass-clown show when you realize it was never funny, never cool, and never successful. You can then make a lot of money off of people so stupid that they can’t calculate the odds on the penny slots.

  3. Deacon Jones

    How come Nat Geo’s “Taboo” hasn’t done a special on this guy yet?

  4. This photo was taken just seconds after it was announced that the International Cycling Union was taking away all of his comedy awards.

  5. right

    This type of photo should come with a warning or spoiler alert!

  6. demonic ginger.

  7. Tron

    Welcome to your nightmare!!

  8. Visible Ink

    The phrase “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stranger” was made for this guy.

  9. lawn

    God damn it, I clicked the thumbnail thinking it was the Wendy’s girl!

  10. He could start in the remake of Mask. He wouldn’t even need makeup.

  11. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Shouldn’t he be the backup QB for the Bungles by now?

  12. SexJihaad


  13. Oz Matters

    So they already have begun casting for “Tickle me Elmo the Musical”?

  14. “Sorry Sir, but the contest for ‘Best Halloween Pumpkin Face’ was last week. You will have to leave now.”

  15. Andie

    Ew. Yuck. This guy is creepy.

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