1. jorge

    nothing like getting that come hither look from a swamp donkey

  2. With all her money, she can’t afford a mirror?

  3. Wide Shoulders? Check.
    No Hips? Check.
    Bad extensions? Check.
    Fake Tits? Check.
    Chin down to hide adam’s apple? Check.
    Man Face? Check.

    Yeah… this is a dude everyone. Right here… it’s a dude.

  4. Ruth


  5. Fishballs

    Russell Brand cleans up nicely.

  6. i would still pound this monster.

  7. There should be a moratorium on boob jobs in the UK, until their surgeons get some much needed training.

    Lesson number one: a woman’s breast does not begin at her clavicle.

  8. She always looked stoned out of her gourd. And like a trashier Megan Fox.

  9. Jade

    If Lindsay Lohan and a Real Doll were to make a baby, this is what it would look like.

  10. bigalkie


  11. she’s only a tiny drip of drool away from looking utterly catatonic…and sexy.

  12. Montana

    Congratulations on your victory in the Pon Farr! Judges, show him what he’s won…

  13. Visible Ink

    Remember the fembots from Austin Powers? I rather meet those.

  14. right

    The boob to waist ratio is WAY off here!

  15. cc

    She’s made of many of the same materials as an F1 car.

  16. Beer Baron

    “You have any blow?” -Her face

  17. Tron

    Oh boobies…when will you stop me from masterbation.

  18. Cock Dr

    Made and made up for stellar porn performance.

  19. Bionic_Crouton

    Someone Please teach her how to breath through her nose.

  20. CJ

    did she go as AIDS?

  21. Mmm… billions of dollars…

  22. *^%@#$

    Be’tor is gonna be pissed that Lursa got her brow ridges removed.

  23. Trek Girl

    She looks like one of the Klingon Duras sisters, but with a highly botoxed forehead.

  24. I think she looks pretty sexy, and I swear, I’d bang her even if she were only a Millionaire!

  25. Bouncy Castle

    Oh Tamara. Did you forget to remove the hanger again?

  26. sandycakes


  27. Shorty80

    More unknown bolt-ons. Do none of these bitches know how to find a good plastic surgeon?

  28. ugh

    oh my gosh, at first i thought it was a mutation of Lindsay Lohan/Katie Price

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