1. jorge

    “Advices from Lincoln report that Jose Chavez Y Chavez moved to California where he changed his name and took work on a fruit ranch.”

  2. joe

    ♫♫Para bailar la Bamba, se necesita una poca tiara. Una poca tiara con tu bebe.♫♫

  3. As a dad, I can respect this picture and this man.

  4. “My daughter is a better, what?”
    Incredulous look + silence.

    Aaaannnnnd… SCENE!

  5. Ruth

    I miss SGU.


  6. Deacon Jones

    Remember that soft porn movie he did?

  7. Fishballs

    Lou Diamond Phillips on the set of his new reality series, “Mommy, Why Is Lou Diamond Phillips Sleeping in Our Garage?”

  8. I think he’s an awesome and underrated actor.

  9. cc

    Pfft, remember about the time he guest started on Miami Vice he was the hottest property in Hollywood? Someone played their cards wrong.

  10. Well, that’s ONE way to make sure you don’t lose another wife to lesbianism.

  11. Tron

    I’m a pretty princess.

  12. Visible Ink

    I accept this as a “cool dad” picture only if the tiara and his shirt weren’t color coordinated.

  13. Sticky name for a movie.

  14. cc

    Actually, he’s really just doing kids parties now.

  15. Vlad

    Bit of a stretch, but here it goes:

    He voiced Forge on an X-Men video game,
    X-Men is a Marvel property,
    which is owned by Disney,
    which qualifies him as a Disney Princess.

  16. Keep that shit up Lou and women will start beating you up! Wait .. that has all ready happened?

  17. Mama Pinkus

    I remember when he used to be cute.

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