1. Who? What? oh… right… Boobies… Carry on..

  2. When the cute wears off, the tits will be sagging. The market trend says to buy in early, and tread carefully long term waiting for the break point.

  3. it had to be said

    Isn’t this the girl Hef’s kid beat up? Oops. Here comes Chris Brown . . .

  4. She’s beautiful.

  5. You’re the wrong gender if your trying to get Kevin Clash to stick something up your ass.

  6. cc

    If you look like the bottom half of Elmo, you could be in for a surprise.

  7. right

    Those boobies!

  8. Tron

    She’s worth a bend-over the sofa.

  9. She looks like a Christmas-themed Swiffer.

  10. Vlad

    porn star name included

  11. Just wondering how often she gets asked to sing, “Call Me Maybe”?

  12. Josie

    thought this was carly rae jepsen

  13. Skeeter

    Don’t know who she is but she looks plenty good enough to bang or at least masturbate to.

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