1. eric

    three misshapen heads in one shot – call Guinness

  2. Mr. Poop

    those poor girls…is this some sort of benefit for the facially re.tarded?

  3. I would say these are two shameless starfuckers, but then I would have to call this guy a “star”.

  4. it had to be said

    Quick, someone tell him that he’s not actually going to nail either of them!

  5. I’ll take both of the girls. Guy can hold the camera.

  6. cc

    The aura of genius emanating from this picture is making my skin tingle.

  7. alex


  8. Beer Baron

    Love the asian girl with her wonk eye.

  9. Tron

    “This is how it will look IN BED, later tonight”

  10. Visible Ink

    He’s thinking: I have a chance with these chicks.
    Girls thinking: Paycheck, Paycheck… keep smiling… Paycheck

  11. cabora


  12. Mike Seaver finally snapped.

  13. Them’s some classy broads right there.

  14. Why would we care about a picture of four tits and a boob?

  15. Swearin

    Look, I like Maggie Siff, but it would be so awesome if the chick on the right was playing Tara

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