1. They just realized how fucking obnoxious they are.

  2. “Are farts wet Kathy?” “No they aren’t, why?”

  3. “I was a journalist until I started working with Kathie Lee…”
    “…and now you’re an alcoholic.”
    “Now I’m an alcoholic!”

  4. Maybe Sharon Osbourne could tell these ladies to go fuck themselves too.

  5. cc

    Hoda Kotb parents sucked at Scrabble

  6. Slappy Magoo

    Wow, a pic of Hoda AND Kathie Lee on the Today Show? What…a…coup…

  7. this photo is why people worry about getting older.

  8. both just a caricature now.

  9. Sybian Couch reactions #14 and #32.

  10. crb

    …annnd, instance #432 of when we find out insecure-toolbox Kathie Lee will laugh her a** off about other people, but can’t take even 1 joke about herself.

    Yes, Kristen Wiig is even funnier than Ho-Ho thinks.

  11. Madame Tussaud said we should drop this off here?

  12. Thats the same look I had when I found out Kathy Lee had a hairy bush.

  13. Senor Trout

    ‘Ladies, show us the face you made the first time you did anal.’

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