1. I miss Michael Clarke Duncan…

  2. She’s such a fucking poser.

  3. I bet she Vajazzles.

  4. loos like the start to an awesome pono

  5. Man, I wish we could embed pictures still, I have the best one for this

  6. alex

    Awesome….and on veterans day no less. The American flag isn’t a fashion accessory.

  7. She’s an absolute idiot.

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    Hello Mrs. Palin, my name is Glen Rice.

  9. Inner Retard

    Thank you for protecting us from those dangerous Russians. They are always up to something. I can see them from my window, you know?

  10. “I’ve always admired the Army, youse guys.”

  11. ruckus

    I am so fucking excited for the new Police Academy reboot!!

  12. fred

    She looks like Mrs. Santa Clause if Mrs. Clause lived in a trailer park.

  13. waynemoores

    I always love how fraudulent right wingers like her all all blood and guts as long as it’s not theirs. Her, Bush II, Ronnie Ray guns, Arnie…never heard a shot fired in anger. At least I had respect for Bush I. He saw the horrors of war first hand.

    • cc

      Bush 1 was the only one who had some semblance of courage.

      The rest…it’s sickening, and what’s even more sickening is a lot of people fall for their bullshit.

      Virtually all of my antecedents, and virtually all of their friends, fought in one of the world wars. Fighter pilots, tank crews, artillery, you name it. Eastern front, Europe, north Africa. Many of their friends died. Some disappeared, never to be soon or heard from again.

      So FUCK Sarah Palin and every other politician who shows up to these things to use veterans for photo ops.

  14. Guess which one took her back to the hotel and blew her back out? It sure was not Patton Oswalt there. I bet she got to reminisce about those good old college basketball days.

  15. Opportunistic, rancid cunt.

  16. The guys who were Photoshopped out of the “Three Invisible Dicks” meme finally come forward.

  17. Swearin

    Blacks, short people, and military women – three demographics that haven’t read Sarah Palin’s book

  18. Spleen


    That is all.

  19. Dox

    She just has that… “Don’t actually touch me, you commoners” look, when posing for pictures with people.

  20. PassingTrue

    I’m originally from Alaska and was back there a number of years back when she was Governor and nobody had heard of her “outside” (an Alaskan term for anybody from the lower 49, or I guess 56 to our President). In any event, I was in a large meeting with her and her presentation was good (better than most politicians I’ve met) and she greeted and spoke to most of the folks individually. She was gracious, friendly and looked you in the eye when she spoke. I doubt that most of our “respected” politicians could stand up to the silly wordsmithing and gotcha nonsense that she has lived under. And for those who are so grateful that she didn’t make it as V.P., Yep, we’re all doing super right now. Thanks!

    • oh well then. as long as she presented herself well. all that ignorance, intolerance and overall phoniness doesn’t even matter. “56 to our President” ? go away now please.

  21. Is she on her way back to the trailer park now? Good Lord. Who wears sequins to daytime anything? And that hair. Wow. White trash. She obviously needed the stylists that the John McCain campaign threw her way.

  22. So…..she’s pandering to the blacks, gays, and midgets all at the same time now?

  23. Hey George, Watch Out!

    What the fuck is up with that outfit. It’s like Liberace and Marcus Bachman threw up on her at the same time.

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