1. that dancer had to watch a 30 minute tutorial video on how to simulate cunnilingus.

  2. I’ve often pictured myself doing the same thing to her. Looks fun.

  3. Haven’t we subjected the gay population to enough torment???

  4. “Okay, I’m down here,now what do I do?”
    “Gaga, When He’s done, can we switch places?

  5. Bonky

    If this doesn’t revive my career then I’m all out of ideas.

  6. She told me to kiss it where it smells, so I drove her to New Jersey.

    • blerg

      She told me to take that thing I play with and stick it where she pees. So I put my bowling ball in the sink.

  7. Little Tongue

    Where are the Occupational Safety and Health Act enforcement officers when you need them?

  8. Hugh G. Rection

    No fair. Last time I tried that, Lady Gaga called the cops.

  9. “It’s a living. And a boy’s gotta eat.” [breaks down in tears]


    Best Richie Incognito prank ever!

  10. Worst threesome…ever!

  11. Another stereotype laid to rest.

  12. anonym

    what’s up with the gay outfits?

    I wonder if those guys are gangsters when they’re off the clock.

  13. ruckus

    “Is it true??”

    “Man, she ain’t got no teeth down there. And her gums are in TERRIBLE shape.”

  14. cc

    Seen here performing her new hit ‘Pussy Farts’ with an unsuspecting dancer.

  15. All right guys lets get going, my vagina needs to look like a beagle who just had a stroke.Drooling with a sad look on its face.

  16. journalschism

    Times that tough for Michael Keaton?

  17. I know what my mom told me about not saying something nice, but I really wish this bitch would just fall face-first into an industrial grinder.

  18. icu

    A gay man giving another guy a blowjob on stage, that’s entertainment!

  19. Mama Pinkus


  20. Neal

    Lady Gaga stages a recreation of Kris Jenner introducing Kim to Kanye

  21. Oz Matters

    Instead of being edgy, Its like a recreation of a behind the scenes photo for the Muppets.

  22. PassingTrue

    Man, and I thought moving a sleeper sofa was tough.

  23. spikedtounge

    I hope it’s what it looks like, the set up for a powerbomb! (pro-wrestling reference)

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