1. Crissy

    Anyway you can blur out the face a bit?

  2. Henny

    She’s about as fake as my past 5 orgasms

  3. ThisWillHurt

    So now we’re making chocolate Easter bunnies look like women and putting dresses on them? I guess that works for some people.

  4. Lucion

    butter face.

  5. Frozen face. Check. Fake tan. Check. Plastic tits. Check. Spunk stains on dress. Check. Barbie v2012 complete.

  6. mismy

    oh go fuck yourself society. this is so unnecessary.

  7. cc

    I wonder how many F1 drivers have wound their way through her chicane.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Say what you want, but I’m THAT GUY that would be pushing her head down into my lap as soon as she got into the limo.

    That guy, given the opportunity that is.

    • Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

      THIS is an opportunity?

      • I don’t believe that’s what he said. Of course this isn’t an opportunity. But there are so many people in here denigrating this woman that “The Deacon” felt compelled to stand up for her. As do I. So when she’s finished with you, Deacon, pass her on over.

      • Deacon Jones

        Man, they’re really ganging up on us with this one, Vito

  9. bethy

    I thought Russell Brand enjoyed blurring the gender lines, but clearly he has made his decision.

  10. Ghosthost

    Chernobyl Barbie.

  11. seriouslynow

    Very ordinary looking chick but her father’s billions make her quite appealing. I’m such a gold digger.

  12. That dress must be really tight to be pushing the silicone out through the pores of her face.

  13. Bigalkie


  14. Wait, what did you say her name was? I didn’t catch it. Barbie? Media Whore Barbie?

  15. Josie

    she legit has NO waist & her dress makes her look very cheap

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