1. Pierce Bronzetan

    Would love to hurley her leggies over my shoulderies.

  2. JC

    Dick Cheney looks down in amazement at the first stiffy he’s had since the invasion of Irag.

  3. Lucion

    Ten hut!

  4. Somebody show this pic to what’s-her-name in the last pic. This is how you do it right.

  5. You know you’ve got some money when you can pay Tim Gunn to follow you around all day with an umbrella!

  6. oldfool

    That dress is Groovy Baby.

  7. Here’s Elizabeth Hurley 20 years ago, before she was the ravishing woman she is now. What exactly did she have done to achieve this beauty: nose job? eye brows? caps on her teeth? What…???


  8. spartacus

    A simple girl from Basingstoke has more class that Tamara “Spawn of Bernie”

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