1. Hey, the Crypt Keeper cleans up pretty well.

  2. 1NDUN

    Fire Barshall Bill was awesome.

  3. Pierce Bronzetan

    That shrimp will definitely need to be deveined.

  4. alex

    The walking dead has achieved new heights in realism.

  5. [img][/img]

    She’s got the half a dead dog in her handbag…

  6. Contusion

    I thought it was McConaughey again.

  7. USDA Prime McBeef

    Whoa, what the fuck is wrong with that woman? Shellfish allergy?

  8. Buddy The Elf

    Backstage on tour with Madonna?

  9. Deacon Jones

    This lady must be 340 years old based on the size that her ear grew to.

  10. EricLr

    So if I go to these stupid awards and pretend to respect women, I can still bang chicks on the casting couch, right?

  11. In a previous life that woman was a piranha!

  12. Queef Sister

    Under her hat: ….shrimp.

  13. Bigalkie

    Who is Fanita Presman? The shortest woman in the world? When this greasy fucker towers over you.. You have problems..

  14. New couple alert.

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