1. Satan's bitch

    Remind me why we pay attention to this chick.

  2. Evil

    …and I was all like wasaaaaaaaap-B, then Cameron told me a wasn’t going to be in Avatar 2.

  3. Dick

    Who is this Bedroom Intruder lookalike?

  4. this is what “talking out your neck” looks like

  5. In the thumbnail I though it was a man

  6. “Michelle Rodriguez at the RAGE Launch Event”

    Oh sweet irony, thy name is “angry lesbian bitch”.

  7. Ok, who wants to be the one to tell her they make Crest Whitestrips for the top AND bottom teeth?

  8. Too lesbo for the black microphone trick?

  9. cc

    Gee, that guy with the tattoos really put the wood to her.

  10. FLgirl

    It’s called make-up……

  11. Minky Wail

    Looks like she’s got the lesbian equivalent of a partial going on.

  12. dontkillthemessenger

    This drunk bitch is always leaving the house without her bottom dentures.

  13. What, no “Russell Brand shows off his beardless look” comments yet?

  14. derp

    that’s not tagged right, this is’Troy Polamalu’ at the ‘Head & Shoulders Ball’.

  15. ComedyPuppet

    She can’t get no satisfaction…

  16. As if we didn’t already know, this is Michelle’s ‘I’m contractually obligated to be here’ look.

  17. sc4play

    So when did Orlando Bloom start letting his hair grow out?

  18. Legend has it that if you leave the cap of a bottle of Jack Daniels off long enough, she will appear.

  19. Mike Walker


  20. Sin

    Thats right. Even looking like this I get laid.

  21. DeucePickle

    Those lips have been in more pussy in the past 24 hours than all of the nerds at this release party combined !

  22. CharmlessMan

    That’s her (n)O-Face.

  23. I think she’s kind of hot. But then I also like poison oak.

  24. It’s a shame she lost her lower teeth. I guess this makes her the BJ hooker.

  25. RoBert

    Looks like she forgot to put in her bottom denture plate.

  26. Chet

    She only had her top teeth whitened?

  27. MRF

    That’s the oldest Jackson kid, princess rage blanket.

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