1. Anthony

    It’s an European male carry all….

  2. The Presidential Mother-in-law

    White boy lettin himself go..

  3. edamame

    Better nipples than Anna Lynne McCord!

  4. Venom

    Only Robert Downey can get away with this shit.

  5. Is he Jewish? I didn’t know he was Jewish.

  6. Still not as gay as the Bieber photo…

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Irony Man

  8. Quavis

    Robert Downey Jr doing his breast impression of Chaz Bono.

  9. TomFrank

    ” ‘And what’s the deal with airline food?’ I can’t really do his voice, but you get the idea.”

  10. Swearin

    New Entourage cast? Vince is an introspective middle-aged former addict, Turtle is a 6 foot Jewish teenager, Eric is now Erica, a 22 year old eyeshadow enthusiast and Drama is perpetually cut out of every publicity photo.

  11. Johnny P!

    “‘Sorry, Robbie, but you’re too out of shape for the role’. Too outta shape! You want me to get in shape first? Gimme the fuckin’ role and the money, THEN I’ll get in shape! ‘Too outta shape’ Fuck you!”

  12. Raoul

    I didn’t know Robert Downey Jr. was pregnant!

  13. squishy

    If I have to the gym…you should too man!!

  14. bruisey

    Lesbians who look like Robert Downey Jr… dotcom

  15. cc

    The ‘Gayest Hat Competition’ is heating up.

  16. Minky Wail

    So let me get this straight. He’s dating Kristen Wiig and they’ve adopted a Beastie Boy?

  17. karmichael

    looks like a pheobe price sighting ahead

  18. farting old man's wife

    No he is not gay!! NOT gay at all!! Perish the thought!!You silly goose!!

  19. Sam Ronson needs to stop carrying a satchel; those things make you look gay.

  20. Mike Walker

    Now there’s an odd assortment of people.

  21. CharmlessMan

    Is he morphing into Brian Blessed?

  22. “Goddamit, these New York rats taste salty, and the meat is really stringy.”

  23. Manowl

    Elton John-ish

  24. They put peanut butter on the roof of his mouth, then just dub in the lines. True story.

  25. Walk, walk, fashion, baby.

  26. Zoya

    the woman behind him with the blue eyeshadow is dressed better than him.

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