1. Oldnslo

    She just doesn’t listen?

    (a horrible, horrible joke, I’m ashamed to know the punch line to!)

  2. I sure hope that hotdog pointing at her chin is hooked to a bun and not hooked to some guy.

  3. Her chin is pointing the way…

  4. cc

    You see? That’s what happens, you stop leading with your chin and instead she gets two black eyes.

  5. Pebblz

    Just because you’re in Arkansas, doesn’t mean you have to do that with your teeth.

  6. ComedyPuppet

    I believe the whole name of the movie she’s doing is “Mud: The Fire Marshall Bill Story.”

  7. farting old man's wife

    That is a walk of shame if I have ever seen one!! Smeared make-up, shoes in hand, scuzzy teeth!!!

  8. “Hey, Paw…lookee here what them guys give me. They go on yer feet and are called ‘shoes.’ And alls I had to do was suck they dicks. They was gonna gimme a neckerchief if I’d a let ‘em fuck me in my butt, ‘cept I knew that you was in a hurry.”

  9. Anda


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