1. Cock Dr

    Just don’t let Chaz take you out for lunch. Or dinner.

  2. Richard McBeef

    If her and Chaz win DWTS, it will be a historic day of celebration for transgendered and cross-eyed people around the world.

  3. ass shot dummy, it’s about all you have left. touching. your. toes…

  4. Thought it read “Lacey Schwimmer in a foot locker”. *sigh* Oh well.

  5. farting old man's wife

    Huh, she has her big sweaty ass in these work out clothes and they aren’t hers?? See the tag on her hip!! Gross, who wants her ass smell in their work out clothes!??

  6. cc

    Reminds it a little of the skin you have to peel off salami.

  7. tlmck

    There’s those skanky tats.

  8. Worst final round ever.

  9. “We’re all assholes, sir!”

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