1. Johnny99

    Has anyone ever seen Courtney Stodden and Shauna Sands together?

  2. Within the next 5 years, shortly after being divorced, she will be found dismembered.

  3. Havent seen Dougie in quite some time…
    (rubs hands together)
    It’s only a matter of time Courtney, before Max Hardcore gets his hands on you….

  4. It’s a little early for Halloween.

  5. Robb7

    Everything about this freakish woman looks painful.

  6. Her legs are too skinny for the shoes she likes to wear.

  7. Looks like Courtney’s mum and tattooed guy are checking each other out.

  8. ruckus

    This is her busiest time of the year, with all the Budwiser sleighs to pull.

  9. Shauna Sand is really looking old.

  10. Keep this disaster out of the Miami tourism brochures.

  11. Dead Barbie Walking.

  12. Westcoastdude

    Ya know, that sad piece of trash is one thing but her mother actually looks proud….

  13. cc

    Whose Hallowe’en costume is this?

  14. martina

    Has she had her Quinceanera yet?

  15. Leathery Pouch

  16. This needs to stop. Someone please let her know she’s been dead for months now.

  17. Dude in the background: “Hey guys check it out. Some old sea hag dressed up as Courtney Stodden for Halloween!”

  18. The last bit of data needed to prove once and for all that breast implants have the highest guaranteed ROI of any investment a woman can make. For what other reason would anyone ever know this moron’s name?

  19. In every pic of a trashed out, used up, insiginicant coke Ho.. there’s always one Papo saying it all with his eyes.

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