1. Joe

    If they moved their heads a little closer, they’d have a butt.

  2. Juch

    “Now, if you put your butt in the air, just like I’ve sketched here . . .”

  3. Just two men with shaved, oiled heads sharing a glass of Pinot. Nothing remarkable.

  4. djbennyb

    C-A-T spells cat. OK, now you try the next one.

  5. JC

    Are they ever NOT filming a Fast & Furious movie? Like, do they get at least 10 minutes off in between, or do they just keep the cameras rolling 24/7?

  6. Dox

    Fast and the Furious 7: Bald men in love.

  7. In a tragic accident a make-up artist failed to powder down their craniums and the set lights immolated both of their skulls.

  8. In the land of the bald the one haired man is king.

  9. I think the American Dad interpretation of the Fast and Furious movies is dead on.

  10. Wait…is this Right Said Fred?

  11. Yo Jason, I’m telling you, we get this red dress put together right, and we’re sure to win the costume contest as Christina Hendricks cleavage.

  12. fred

    “I have a wonderful little day planned. First, we will hit the spa for a hot lava rock massage, followed by a hot waxing of our heads. Next, we will hit the mall and buy two rocking outfits (the shorter the better!) for our night out clubbing. Now drink the rest of your wine, sweet tits, and let’s get going.”

  13. cc

    Vin Diesel is the anti-Christ?

  14. Is the 7 for the level of forehead sheen?

  15. Can’t wait, should be even more batshit unreal than the last one. Maybe they will fly a space shuttle down the Golden Gate Bridge, towing the Empire State building behind them this time.

  16. “Okay, goddammit, one more time: a Fireball spell requires a Reflex save to survive, not a magic resistance roll, because you’re trying to get out of the blast radius.”

  17. “I think if we put our heads together Har-dee-har-har we could come up with a good Halloween costume.”

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