1. JimBB

    That guy in front is wearing a pink shirt, and he’s still the least gay person in the picture.

  2. Those skinny leg baggy assed pants are fucking stupid.

  3. mileycyrusis a slut

    I see, Willow did Jaden’s hair for him and she must have dressed him, too,,,,this is what happens when kids play dress-up as teens. BTW: Jaden, your “O” face looks more like an “O-Shit, I just came in my pants” face.

  4. “You’re shirt is not SIKH!!!”
    “Ohhhhh burn…”
    “Let’s go get some pinkberry”

  5. this is *THE* Douche Crew.

  6. Do I even want to know?

  7. alex

    See, Jaden is too cool to wear the beret like the other kids. I never liked to wear my beret when I was his age.

  8. Everyone in this picture should be slapped… with a shovel.

  9. Ya know, me and my dad have some real issues, but at least when I was being a teenaged shithead, I learned the sun didn’t shine out of my ass thanks to my him.

    • For two pretty mediocre entertainers, one spectacularly so, his parents seem pretty impressed with themselves. Little wonder he’s such an egocentric little dick bib.

  10. He must have just come from his “auditing session” with Uncle Tommy Boy.

  11. cc

    I’m Sikh of douchebags

  12. The kid in the beret!!!! I mean!!!!

  13. martina

    He’s consistently lame.
    No matter what he does … he’s a douche.

  14. Dear Will Smith,

    If you even think of buying a remake of A Clockwork Orange for this dickbag to ruin I will reenact every scene of it for you, live.

    Love, Me.

  15. crb

    And there it is, in every single public Jaden Smith photo, someone saying it all with their stonefaced expression at this little intellectual-darwin-award-candidate.

    Pink-shirt has shaved more IQ points off his sideburns than Jaden will possess in a lifetime.

  16. Schadenfreude

    Please MTV – Bring back Celebrity Death Match and have Jaden Smith go against Justin Bieber!

  17. One thing that everyone’s missed so far (I’m disappointed in you all, really) is his forehead. Look at his forehead! Where’s the worried, crinkled forehead we’ve all come to know and love? Sure, we have Mr. Soccer Player who took a dump in his pants, Mr. Pink with a beanie, and Mr. French Black and White Film, but… the forehead! It’s so smooth!

  18. LoFromWisco

    To the gentleman in the foreground: My thoughts exactly.

  19. phantomduck

    This photo exceeds my doctor’s daily allowance of douchery

  20. “Hey, Kid…by any chance is your first name Trayvon?”

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