1. Arnold’s head just exploded.

  2. Godamn it, Fish! Anything else I find sacred that you want to ruin for me?

  3. Got to maintain that sexy figure.

  4. Photoshoppers should have a field day with this one.

  5. My wife is gonna eat nothing but grilled cheese from here on out.

  6. SHE’S EATING BREAD IN BEL AIR!! That shit does NOT happen every day. Expect to hear more about this.

  7. Westcoastdude

    I can check off one item on my bucket list…next wish, to see her gag reflex

  8. cc

    That grilled cheese is going to go straight to her breasts.

  9. crb

    … and that was the day my dick decided it wanted to be a sandwich.

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