1. George P Burdell

    I smell stereotype.

  2. Who let the black dude in?

  3. This actually looks like a decent show

  4. JC

    Is it Karl Urban, or merely a representation of nearly everyone who posted in the Julianne Hough Blackface thread?

  5. The Pope

    Karl detects a whiff of cancellation, and points to the likely source.

  6. Sadly Karl Urban’s effort to correctly label the culprit behind a particularly odious fart was confused with overt racism. His show was instantly cancelled and he never worked again.

  7. I’m looking forward to this show.

  8. Incorrect sentencing is an automatic fail. Losing your primary weapon is an automatic fail. Disobeying a direct order to pull my finger is an automatic fail.

  9. cc

    Look, there IS sun in Vancouver, check out this guy…burnt to a crisp!

  10. Barcham

    Is Urban’s movie career over already? Why else is he doing television?

  11. Joe Blow

    “Five years with this guy? God help me.”

  12. CK

    Awesome Mr. Bean and Jayden Smith costumes!

  13. Ron Burgundy

    He’s dead Jim.

  14. Reaper

    He’s synthetic…and you made him BLACK???

  15. Mike

    Good God, man!

  16. The show looks alright. I like Karl Urban, I hate Michael Ealy.

  17. “Do these guys always smell this bad?”

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